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  1. Hej @Denis due lakeside lukker da det for dyrt at drive 2 x game servere. Så fremt vi kan få dække lakeside via donationer( skriv i kommentar det til lakeside ) ja så lukker den. Plus der vil ikke blive udviklet yderlig på den. Da alle kræfter bruges til af gøre DGv3 den bedste life server
  2. Hi all Our rust server will be wiped every Friday morning. Last wipe was: 16/12
  3. Hej nej, wiper i morgen tidlig
  4. Yes, det kom med sidste update, En løste det ved at lukke og åbne Rust
  5. Hej yes, vi skifter også tilbage ved næste wipe, regner med vi kønnet til at køre 3xgather 2xcraft/furnace 2xloot i kasser
  6. Stop stop, Arma tager max 1.5gb ram, dog kan det være du har en masse andet kørende så som 1.000.000 tabs i Chrome. evt. reinstall arma
  7. Link til 2550x1440 version Eller 1980x1080
  8. Hi Its offline atm. the raid controller broke down, a new one should arrive tomorrow or Friday
  9. should we lower the amout of cash you start with ?
  10. More info on CUP here http://cup-arma3.org/
  11. (NEW) Updated to A3W v1.3b v1.3b [Added] Private parking [Added] Private storage [Added] Vehicle ownership [Added] Vehicle locking [Added] Vehicle selling [Added] Mine saving [Added] Resupply trucks [Added] CH View Distance [Added] Map legend [Added] UAV side persistence [Added] headless server cleanup [Changed] Static designators now available to indies [Changed] Some store prices [Fixed] Many other minor changes and fixes v1.3 [Added] Tanoa version [Added] Apex content on dev/preview branches [Added] Sticky explosive charges [Added] Heavy towing and airlifting [Added] Load dragged injured friendly in vehicles [Added] Eject loaded injured friendly from vehicles [Added] Autostabilize when loaded in medical vehicle [Added] 'Finish off' action to slay injured enemies [Added] Improved injured unit detection [Added] Scoreboard persistence option for servers [Added] Fatal PvP headshots option for servers [Added] Custom death messages option for servers [Added] Auto-center heli turret on manual fire [Added] UAV side persistence [Added] More textures for some vehicles in store [Added] Abandoned quadcopter cleanup [Added] More admin menu logging [Changed] Reduced heli missile damage [Changed] Improved mission crate loot [Changed] Vest armor values in general store [Changed] Increased Mag Repack flexibility [Changed] Toggled off autonomous on static designators [Changed] Disabled rain due to weather desync [Fixed] Engineer with toolkit can now always repair [Fixed] Improved missile lock-on [Fixed] Improvements to kill tracking system [Fixed] Items and money not dropping on injured logout [Fixed] Combat log timer not resetting on death [Fixed] Player not always ejected on injury [Fixed] Double kill/death count [Fixed] Spawn cooldowns resetting on rejoin [Fixed] Striders spawning without laser batteries [Fixed] Disabled rain due to syncing issues [Fixed] Various minor bugfixes and optimizations
  12. (NEW) Property Manager added see [Property Manager] (NEW) Framework for future donation perks (NEW) Flag system for bases, Donate to get your personal flag (CHANGE) Notification style is more unified now (FIX) Much Bugs, so WOW (NEW) More Tanoa bulding stuff in the store (CHANGE) Max lock-on range for Titan AT/AP is 1500M (CHANGE) New notification style (NEW) You get X amont of money when killing players from a jet or helicopter (HYPE) (NEW) More territory locations (NEW) More Tanoa stuff in the store (NEW) Service vehicles at vehicles shops (CHANGE) Change default uniforms (CHANGE) 30k in start money (CHANGE) Max 4 becons (FIX) Vehicle spawning on top of each other (NEW) More DLC weapons and vehicles in worldspawn (NEW) You spawn with a primary gun (NEW) Sell vehicles at vehicles shops (NEW) Hide Body (Get some money for it) (NEW) Vehicle Service at vehicles shops (NEW) Hostile Jet missions (CHANGE) Use CTRL + H to holster weapons