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  1. What do you get if you cross a sheep with a kangaroo ?? A wooley jumper
  2. Sweet Tunes
  3. this!!
  4. Hello all since the launch of the new Dania-Gaming Lake side map its been great to see the community growing and players having a fun along with a big thank you to the staff who have been supporting you lot with any issues. And big thanks to all those hard working law enforcement and busy medics keeping the server tidy of dead Danes cluttering up the streets. So anyway it has been brought to my attention that some people need to re read the rules of our server and the punishments for breaking the rules. There is a points system in place for bad behavior on the server, TS and website and a following ban when you hit your max. But let me make it clear anyone found to be glitching or duplicating hacking or anything that breaks the server rules you will receive a PERMANENT BAN!!! (not up discussion) PLEASE READ THE RULES!!! http://dania-gaming.invisionzone.com/topic/409-lakeside-server-regler/ On that note have fun play fair and be on the look out for some new exciting stuff coming to Dania-Gaming in the future.
  5. So it has come to our staff`s attention that the role play on Altis has been somewhat lacking in most encounters with the players and police most of the time. Don`t get me wrong a shoot out with police or battling with armed rebels wanting to steal your cargo is great fun but these actions should be your last action not your first when you encounter each other. So in the name of fair play i ask you all to re read the rules again and encourage some more RP before reaching for your bang bangs! Try and negotiate with the police if they have you you trapped or out numbered rather than die in a hail of bullets!!! The same with rebels robbing people don`t rob them then execute them just because you can? Also if your armed but out numbered try and RP out of a sticky situation and ends up creating really funny RP.(Fear of losing your life) In other words you must fear for your life as if it was real death situation it makes for great RP and often is 10 times more fun for all if it dosen`t end up in everyone just dying.(Boring). I`ve seen some great RP on the server since its been up with civs and the police but also just been shot at with little or no RP. Any idea`s from you all will always be considered so speak up because this and you are a great community with a lot more stuff to add. To start some great RP please post below some funny or daring RP videos you have of playing here at Dania-Gaming and every week someone in our staff will choose a winner for some cool prize giveaway in game. Lets RP out there and stay alive!! Regards The staff
  6. The EX-President of Mexico Jose would like to thank the brave Altis Police force for their valiant defense against the hordes of peasants trying to steal his gold. He has made a huge contribution to the Altis Police Fund to help pay for the funerals of the brave fallen officers that died in the defense of his Gold and is very thankful He has moved into the Kavala Hotel were he will be holding a Policemans ball in Honor of the fallen.
  7. To all Altisains great news President José Antonio has escaped his country because of the drug cartels threatening his life there to settle here in Altis. He has brought with him his great wealth in the form of gold bars of which there are many and his family wanting to deposit them in the vault at the bank of Altis in Katalaki. When he lands at the private airfield down in Ferris he will be met by the mayor and be escorted by Altis finest police force and convoyed to the bank to deposit the gold. All people wishing to give a warm welcome can line the streets and wave flags to our VIP guest, lets make him feel welcome and show him some good old Altisian greeting. The route will take him from the southern airfield up through Pygros around the island to bank non stop with many armed police guarding him and his gold. This a messages from the Free Rebels of Altis .... we do not want this fat Mexicain coming to our country buying his way in to our corrupt government leaders lining their pockets with his drug gold we say that if he wants to come here with his gold it should go to the hard working people of Altis! Not the hands of the fat cats that run our fair island. So just before el presidente lands we call the people of Altis to arm themselves and take down this dictator and work together to attack him and the convoy and spread the wealth to the people. Those that do not have access to any weapons we will be at the Salt mine just before and hand out the weapons of justice to take the EX-President and the police down. [THE -RULES] The event will start not long after the 9.30pm restart... some time and in server warning will be given to prepare. The rules are simple attack the President and the police with everything you got gear up ready for convoy use what ever you can EVENT guns will be handed out at the Salt mine to those that need them and must be handed in or destroyed after event. There is no RDM rule during the event or NLR ...VDM is in place but road blocks can be used. Any police officer that takes place in the event that is killed can not return until event is over Civilians can return as many times as they wish until event is over. Try and work together there is a lot of gold so don`t be a dick lets have fun!!!