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  1. @Damo Will there be custom vest, custom plates, more cars,?

  2. The TaskForceRadio channel has a password for a purpose, it stops people who are not in the game joining the channel and talking or spamming with voice or music to cause a disturbance to players on the server. With this being said, please use the correct way to leave and re enter the TaskForceRadio channel. While in game you may need to leave to channel for support reason. All you have to do is go to teamspeak settings>plugins>un check Task force Radio, this will remove you out of the channel. Go and do what needs to be done and when you are ready to re enter just re check the task force radio plugin in setting>plugins>. if you get moved out by a support member or admin, just un check the plugin, and when the support is finished, just re check the plugin to be moved back in. Players should not be moved into the TaskForceRadio room by support/admin/developers. its all automated.
  3. Behind the scenes at Joes victory party.